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The hide is on the Danube coast
Enjoy Vitosha's birdlife with a local guide
1 day
Wildlife photography treat near Sofia
All year round
Wildlife photo adventure in Eastern Rhodopes
Into the kingdom of vultures
All year round
A bird photohide 40 km from Varna
All year round
Birds of prey photography near Sofia
Great birdwatching getaway for a day
1 day
Birdwatching day at wetlands and limestone hills
1 day
Wildlife photography and birdwatching trip
6 days
In the Wallcreeper's realm
3 days
The best of South Bulgaria
8 days
Private birdwatching day tour
1 day
The ultimate Lake Kerkini photo safari
4 days
A photo hide on the Danube Coast
Autumn birding in Bulgaria
6 days
Spring birding in Bulgaria
10 days
A supreme Golden Eagle photo tour
6 days
The ultimate colourful bird photo safari
13-17 May 2023

!MASTER tour €755

Hiking tour along the Kulla Peninsula in Sweden.
6 Days I Difficulty: 3 (of 5)
Spring-summer birding in Bulgaria and Greece
3 days
Spring birding tour in Bulgaria and Greece
11 days