Buzzards & Marsh Harriers Hide

€35 per person

The hide is constructed in 2018 on a limestone hill close to the Dragoman marsh, just 40 km from Sofia. It is used mainly for making action photos of birds of prey (mainly buzzards and harriers), golden jackals and red foxes. Common buzzards are the most frequent raptors photographed from the hide. During the winter, attracted by sunflower seeds and walnuts, sombre, blue and great tits, greenfinches, hawfinches, chaffinches and yellowhammers are also frequenting the area in front of our guests’ lenses.

Natura 2000 site and of the best-preserved areas near Sofia
The area around the town of Dragoman supports an amazing variety of birds in a mosaic of different habitats – freshwater wetlands, wet meadows, steppes, and deciduous forests to name a few. Much of this territory is part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas. It is a popular and well-preserved birding spot among Bulgarian and foreign birdwatchers alike.

Via Aristoteles flyway
The limestone hill, on which the hide is located, along with the nearby marshes is on the Via Aristoteles flyway route, which makes the photography and observations of migrants feasible. As we often say during the spring and autumn season, expect the unexpected.

Spent a day at the photo hide and let nature pleasantly surprise you!

Tour operator Traventuria offers a birding day trip to the Dragoman marsh and the surroundings. Find out more from the following LINK.

Combine with other wildlife photography hides:
During the winter you can combine the Buzzards and Marsh Harriers hide with the nearby Golden Eagle photo hide.

Best season
November, December, January, February, March
Maximum capacity
2 persons
Possible species
Common Buzzard, Marsh Harrier, Long-legged Buzzard (rare), Rough-legged Buzzard (rare winter visitor), Golden Jackal, Red Fox, Magpie, Raven, Green Woodpecker, Carrion Crow, Hawfinch, Tree Sparrow, Sombre Tit
Stable dirty road around 4 km long from the town of Dragoman, 300 meters walking from parking. During the winter snow cover is possible.
Entering before sunrise, exit - in sunset.
Comfort and accesoaries
Photography throughout special photo glass orientated to north with a limestone mountain serving as a background to the photos, chair, no toilet.
Recommended focal length
>300 mm; shooting is thorough embrasures and one-way photo glass
Hide's photography direction
  • Duration
    All year round
€ 35 per person/day;
The price includes:
  • The photo hide rent for a day;
  • Bait for the raptor;
  • Seeds for attracting songbirds.
The price does not include:
  • Private transfer from Sofia Airport to the town of Dragoman or vice versa (distance 50km); Our offer is 50 euros per station wagon car (comfortable for 3 photographers);
  • Accommodation - send us an inquiry for booking or just recommendations for accommodation. Kindly note that there are no options to sleep in the hide;
  • Meals and drinks;
  • English-speaking wildlife photography guide (please, enquire if needed)
The hide's rules and details
  • The hide does hot have a toilet. It is located on an abandoned limestone hill owned by the Dragoman municipality. There are plenty of bushes in the area that can provide you with the needed discretion. The closest petrol station with a toilet is a bit over 1 km away.  You should be prepared to stay in the hide at least for several hours. Every time you leave the hide will cause a gap in the animals visiting the mirror pool and the adjacent area, thus reducing the chance of making quality photos;
  • Smoking is not permitted in our hide. If smoking is inevitable please make sure that you are out of sight of the hide and that you don’t leave any litter. Every time you walk out of the hide reduces your chances of making quality photos of animals;
  • The hide booking is for a full day, you can enter it and leave it at your convenience. However, we highly recommend not leaving the hide when birds and/or mammals are visible close by!
  • With the booking we do not provide food or drinks. Please bring enough food and water to last you for the day.
  • The hide is on open terrain and it may get hot inside it during the summer days. Bring appropriate clothes and enough water with you;
  • We provide a gas heater during the cold winter days, but using it reduces the chances of photographing mammals as they are very sensitive to smell;
  • Please consider the wildlife and the environment, and behave responsibly! Do not leave any litter in or out of the hide!

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