Vultures & Golden Eagles Hide

€110 per person

Оne of the most successful and busy wildlife photography hides in Bulgaria for taking photos of birds of prey. Book much in advance to secure your rent and photography experience.

It is situated in Eastern Rhodopes, an area dubbed the Vulture Realm in the Balkans. Only here you can photograph 3 species of vultures in one day. About 100 pairs of Griffon Vultures and 20 pairs of Egyptian Vultures (the Balkan population comes down to about 50 pairs) breed in the area every year. Black Vultures are also frequently seen and photographed in the Bulgarian Eastern Rhodopi, because they are often coming from the near Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest National park in Greece. Other birds of prey such as Lesser Spotted Eagle, Short-toed Eagle, Black Kite, Golden Eagle and White-tailed Eagle also breed and forage in this region.

It fits comfortably six people to shoot at the same time from six viewing holes.  The hide is entered obligatory early in the morning (before dawn) and has to leave it after sunset. In summer, it is possible to leave the hide earlier.  It takes about 30 minutes to get to the hide from the town of Madzharovo via an off-road vehicle. The hide orientation is to the North and is between 27 and 41 meters distance from where the birds typically land. The best lense focal length to use is 300-800 mm with the closest background being at least a kilometer away. The species that can be photographed are: Egyptian Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Black Kite, Raven, Fox, Jackal, Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle.

Best season
All year round, best period for raptors is 1st Nov-30th Mar
Maximum capacity
6 persons
Possible species
Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Golden Eagle, Wolf, Red Fox, Black Kite (summer), Golden Jackal, Raven, White-tailed Eagle (rare winter visitor), Black Vulture (rare)
The hide is 10 km from the town of Madzharovo. Transport with off-road vehicle to and from the hide is secured by our local hide manager
It is obligatory to enter before sunrise and exit after sunset
Comfort and accesoaries
Chair, gas heather in winter, toilet, two bunk beds
Recommended focal length
>300 mm; shooting is thorough embrasures
Hide's photography direction
  • Duration
    All year round
  • 1 person – € 150 per person/day;
  • 2-4 persons – € 120 per person /day;
  • 5-6 persons - € 110 person/day.
The prices include:
  • One day rent of the hide;
  • Transport from the town of Madzharovo (or a nearby settlement) to the hide before sunset and back after sundown;
  • Bait for the vultures and the other raptors.
The prices do not include:
  • Private transfer from Sofia Airport to the town of Mаdzharovo or vice versa (distance 300 km); Our offer is 150 euros per station wagon car (comfortable for 3 photographers); 180 euros per 8-seater minibus;
  • Accommodation - send us an inquiry for booking or just recommendations for accommodation. Kindly note that there are two cots at the hide, which you can use;
  • Meals and drinks;
  • Local guide (if needed). We are offering a guided photo tour in the Eastern Rhodopi.
The photo hide's rules:
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden;
  • It is obligatory to enter before sunrise and exit after sunset;
  • Going out of the hide during the day, unless absolutely necessary, is highly undesirable;
  • Disturbance must be kept to a minimum;
  • No sudden lens movements, please.
Additional information
  • The wildlife photography hide is on an open terrain, which means that during the summer it may get hot, while in the winter it may be chilly. We provide gas heater during the cold winter days, but using it reduces the chances of photographing mammals as they are very sensitive to smell. Dress according to the season and the forecast;
  • You will be spending the whole day at the hide. Make sure you have enough water and food.

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