Eastern Rhodopi Vulture Hide

€150 per person

A wildlife photo hide built  to a high standard of comfort, right in the heart of the Eastern Rhodopi Mountains. Enjoy views of diverse wildlife at one of Europe’s well recognized biodiversity hotspots.  Griffon, Egyptian and Black vultures, as well as other avian and mammal carnivores (Grey Wolf, Red Fox, Golden Jackal, White-tailed Eagle, Black Kite, Golden Eagle and others) often frequent the feeding site at the hide.

Keeping a balance between human interests and wildlife welfare The hide is on the territory of а game reserve named Studen Kladenets (The Cold Well). It may sound repelling to photograph wildlife at a place where hunting is carried out, but  Studen Kladenets is not an ordinary game reserve. There, throughout the years, different conservation projects for endangered species protection and habitat management have been accomplished.  One of the recent successes is, that Rewilding Europe ( with the game reserve management successfully reintroduced European bisons in the area.

Wildlife photography, birdwatching and other nature related activities
The territory of the game reserve as well as the whole of the Eastern Rhodopi Mountains are one of the wildest and best preserved parts of Bulgaria. Besides the photography from the hide, you can also:

  1. Take birdwatching tours in the area.
  2. Take a photography and observation tour of European bison, red and fallow deer.
  3. Do hikes and boat trips.
  4. Enjoy other nature tours as wild orchid tour, butterfly tour.
Best season
November, December, January, February and March
Maximum capacity
6 persons
Possible species
Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Black Vulture, Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Black Kite, Wolf, Raven, Red Fox
40 minutes driving with 4x4 WD along dirty road, from the sleeping base
Еntering before sunrise, exit - in sunset only with local stakeholder
Comfort and accesoaries
Wi-Fi, chairs, table for feeding, two wooden beds, gas heather in winter, toilet
Recommended focal length
>400 mm; shooting is thorough embrasures
Hide's photography direction
  • Duration
  • 1 person – € 150 per person/day;
  • 2-4 persons – € 120 per person /day;
  • 5-6 persons - € 110 person/day.
The prices include:
  • One day rent of the hide;
  • Transport from a lodge in the Studen Kladenets Game Reserve to the hide and back;
  • Bait for the vultures and the other raptors.
The prices do not include:
  • Private transfer from Sofia Airport to Studen Kladenets Game Reserve or vice versa (distance 300 km); Our offer is 150 euros per station wagon car (comfortable for 3 photographers); 180 euros per 8-seater minibus; We can make transfers from Plovdiv and Burgas airports as well.
  • Accommodation in a hut near the hide; 35 euros per person in a double room on BB; single room on BB - 55 euros.
  • Meals and drinks;
  • We can organize additional services such as photography of wild horses, deer, bison, boating and others, for an additional fee.
The hide's rules and details:
  • Smoking is not permitted in our hide. Electronic cigarettes are possible;
  • Bring appropriate clothes and enough water with you;
  • In cold weather a gas heater is provided, but using it reduces the chances of photographing mammals as they are very sensitive to smell;
  • We can organize additional services such as photography of wild horses, deer, bison, boating and others, for an additional fee;
  • It is obligatory to enter before sunrise and exit after sunset;
  • Going out of the hide during the day, unless absolutely necessary, is highly undesirable;
  • Disturbance must be kept to a minimum;
  • No sudden lens movements, please.

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