Responsible Travel

Besides the different academic definitions, responsible travel and sustainable tourism are general terms with wide meanings.  We, at Traventuria (, always strive for our tours to leave the smallest environmental footprint and to encourage all tourists to be environmentally conscious. We are keen on implementing the following specific measures:

  • We encourage all our clients to use reusable water bottles. For the longer tours, we provide as a gift (free of charge) reusable bottles. Tap water is drinkable throughout Bulgaria.
  • We encourage separate waste collection from day one to the tour.
  • For our wildlife tours, wherever possible, we arrange accommodation in small-family-run hotels and guesthouses, whose hosts are people with a special attitude towards nature and local culture.
  • Capturing a great wildlife photo or observing a rare bird by our clients is always our priority, but this never will be done at the expense of the wild animals’ wellbeing.
  • We encourage our groups always to have meals at restaurants, where the food is prepared from local products and has a home-made dish taste.
  • We always try to show utmost respect to local cultural manifestations and encourage the conservation of local cultural identities. We respect local people, their cultures, traditions, religions and environment.
  • Wherever possible, we help local or international NGOs in their nature conservation work.
  • Almost all of our vehicles are with Euro 6 engines and with as little as possible carbon emissions.
  • Foster public awareness of the environmental and social significance of tourism.