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Wildlifephototrips is a brand of Traventuria Ltd. – a Bulgarian tour operator with expertise and passion for specialised nature-orientated trips. Our main purpose is to offer authentic experiences to nature enthusiasts, photographers and general travellers, but our team is also committed to providing tailor-made solutions to experienced birdwatchers and wildlife photographers.

Tailored tours and personalized travel services
Let us help you design a perfect itinerary for a memorable, lifelong travel experience. Our dedicated consultants take pride in being extremely efficient in our written (email) communication and you can expect swift answers (within three hours on working days) and detailed explanations. By offering private tours, we are always keeping your choices to the highest possible level of flexibility.

Experienced wildlife guides
Professional guides are key to enhancing your understanding of Bulgarian wildlife, history and culture, taking great shots and immensely enriching your holiday experience. Our guides are environmentalists with in-depth knowledge of mammals, birds and plants as well as the local communities you will be visiting. Their expertise is crucial in locating and enjoying what you wish to observe and photograph. Most of them, besides escorting tourists, work on international projects as zoologists and conservationists. Being advocates for wildlife and ambassadors of Bulgarian natural heritage is their full-time engagement and cause.

Outstanding accommodation and wildlife destinations
A destination’s appearance is usually shaped by the tourism industry. We believe that as a tour operator, it is our moral obligation to foster sustainable tourism practices and be a good example. All our accommodations are carefully chosen with criteria such as being a green local business, authenticity, hospitality and attitude of the host. Where possible, we would like to suggest to our customers lesser known, but rich of birdlife destinations. All our tours are carried out with care for the environment and we are striving in all possible ways to encourage the preservation of local societies’ identity.

Tour operator’s license number: PK-01-6434

Our mission is an expression of tour operator Traventuria’s responsible travel policy to provide great journeys in supreme wildlife habitats and connect international travellers with local communities to guarantee sustainability and harmony between men and nature.


For questions, suggestions, feedback or any other matters we will be more than happy to hear from you. Please use the contact form to send a message.

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