Forest Mirror Pool Hide

€40 per person

This wooden hide provides one of the best opportunities for wildlife photography in the vicinity of the town of Varna (40 km west of the city center). It is built on the border between an oak forest and a pasture, in an area with significant bird species diversity. In front of the hide, there is an artificial pond (dimensions 3 x 5 m) where a variety of birds drink and bathe.  It is possible to capture the reflection of the birds while drinking, bathing and feeding. Feeding around the hide is done all year round with various seeds and grains. There is always an opportunity to arrange additional branches, logs or stones for perches to set the scene according to your taste.

Photography is carried out through a mirror glass. The quality of the images drops down less than 5 per cent, compared without the glass. Tripod is not essential when you visit the hide, a gimble head or beanbag is sufficient.

Best season
All year round
Maximum capacity
2 persons
Possible species
Species list depends from the season: Hawfinch, Common Chaffinch, Syrian Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Blackbird, Jay, Great Tit, Sombre Tit, Blue Tit, European Turtle Dove, Sparrowhawk (rare), Wryneck (migration), Common Redstart, Black Redstart, Blackcap, etc.
There is a car parking 400 meters from the hide. Transfer from/to Varna and its vicinity can be organized upon request
Enter/exit: any time; best result are during dawn and dusk
Comfort and accesoaries
The photography is done throughout special photo glass windows, chairs, gas heater
Recommended focal length
>300 mm. Zoom lens are highly recommended. Shooting is through mirror glass windows
Hide's photography direction
  • Duration
    All year round
  • 1 person – € 40 per person/day;
  • 2 persons – € 30 per person /day;
The prices include:
  • One day rent of the hide;
  • Transport from the town of Provadia to the hide and back;
The prices do not include:
  • Private transfer from the city of Varna to the town of Provadia or vice versa (distance 40 km); Our offer is 45 euros per station wagon car (comfortable for 3 photographers); please enquire about a larger vehicle.
  • Accommodation - send us an inquiry for booking or just recommendations for accommodation. Kindly note that there are two cots at the hide, which you can use;
  • Meals and drinks;
  • There are options to hire a local wildlife photography guide and also use other photo hides in the area.
The hide's rules and details
  • The hide does not have electricity;
  • The hide does not have a toilet. There are plenty of bushes in the area that can provide you with the needed discretion. You should be prepared to stay in the hide at least for several hours. Every time you leave the hide will cause a gap in the animals visiting the adjacent area, thus reducing the chance of making quality photos;
  • Smoking is not permitted in the hide;
  • The hide booking is for a full day, you can enter it and leave it at your convenience.
  • With the booking we do not provide food or drinks. Please bring enough food and water to last you for the day;
  • Bring appropriate clothes for the expected weather conditions;
  • We provide a gas heater during the cold winter days;
  • Please consider the wildlife and the environment, and behave responsibly! Do not leave any litter in or out of the hide!

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