Golden Eagle Hide

€90 per person

This Golden Eagle photo hide is one of the most comfortable hides in Bulgaria.  It is made of wood and stone measuring 4×4 meters on the floor and is 2 meters high. The inner space is divided into two parts – a section with a kitchenette and a toilet, and another one from the photo sessions is carried out.

The hide is located about 1 300 meters asl in the Western Balkan Mountains, an about 1.5-hour drive from the city of Sofia (or Sofia Airport).

Golden Eagle Photography
In many nations and cultures, the Golden Eagle is a symbol of strength, majesty and freedom. The reasons for this could easily be understood when you are photo-shooting these birds in the wild. Observing the flight of Golden eagles from a long distance is always great enjoyment, but seeing and photographing the birds from a close distance is an awe-inspiring and truly unforgettable experience.  Let us prove it to you!


Would like to diversify your trip to Bulgaria?

> You can combine your Golden Eagle photography with spending a day or two at our Buzzard Hide. The two hides are only 40 km (40 mins drive) apart.

> Nutcracker photo sessions at Vitosha Nature Park can also be organized to add extra value to your trip to Bulgaria. During the winter these birds are very credulous and easily attracted to grains and seeds to perform a great show.

Best season
November, December, January, February and March
Maximum capacity
4 persons
Possible species
Golden Eagle, Red Fox, Raven, Hooded Crow, Magpie, Cinereous Vulture, Griffon Vulture (rare), Common Buzzard (rare), Golden Jackal (rare), Wolf (rare), Wild Cat (rare)
The transfer from Sofia to the village of Iskrets is an 1,5 hours. From there our on-site assistant will drive you with a 4x4 vehicle to the hide. He will be transferring you back as well. We recommend hiring the photo hide for minimum full 2 days
Entering before sunrise, exit - in sunset/night; every time with local manager of the hide
Comfort and accesoaries
Chairs, gas heather, 4 beds, toilet with sink, electricity, Wi-Fi, small kitchenette, tableware
Recommended focal length
> 300 mm
Hide's photography direction
  • Duration
  • 1 person – € 120 per person/day;
  • 2-4 persons – € 95 per person /day;
The prices include:
  • One day rent of the photography hide;
  • Bait for the raptors and the carnivorous animals;
  • Transport with 4x4 vehicle from the village of Iskrets to the hide and back.
The prices do not include:
  • Private transfer from Sofia Airport to the village of Iskrets or vice versa (distance 80 km); Our offer is 65 euros per station wagon car (comfortable for 3 photographers); 120 euros per 8-seater minibus;
  • Accommodation - send us an inquiry for booking or just recommendations for accommodation. Kindly note that there is an option to sleep at the hide;
  • Meals and drinks;
  • Local guide (if needed).
The photo hide's rules and details:
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden;
  • It is obligatory to enter before sunrise and exit after sunset;
  • Going out of the hide during the day, unless absolutely necessary, is highly undesirable;
  • Disturbance must be kept to a minimum;
  • No sudden lens movements, please;
  • The hide has electricity provided from solar panels;
  • The hide has a lavatory;
  • Please consider the wildlife and the environment, behave responsibly! Do not leave any litter in or out of the hide!

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